Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halle Berry Thinks the Holocaust Didn't Really Happen

It's all fun and games until someone tosses out a racist or stereotypical remark. Halle Berry was on Jay Leno and was looking through some pictures of herself with distorted faces. When a picture showed up of Halle having a big nose, Halle replied, "Here's where I look like my Jewish cousin!" Awesome! Gotta love that crap. This clip ended up being edited out of the taped show after Halle called Jay and asked him to remove it. Halle stated that she has 3 Jewish girls that work for her and when they saw an old picture of Halle one of the Jewish girls made the joke about it being her Jewish cousin. Yeah, Halle, those 3 Jewish girls that work for you? Yeah, they're called slaves. And then, to make things worse you blame it on one of your slave workers. Real nice way to run the plantation, Halle.

So when Michael Richards and Mel Gibson say it, they have a problem. When Halle says it, it's cute. Ok fine, it is. Probably because Halle is hot. Stereotypes are hot. By the way, Halle does not the Holocaust didn't happen. I just figured by the time I got around to this story you've already read it 15 times so I thought I'd put a unique spin around it. Good day. Pip Pip!

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