Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heidi and Spencer Stop ALL the Fires

Heidi and Steve Sanders (aka Spencer) are more than a triple threat. They can act, clearly. Sing, of course. Dance, did you see their moves? And now we can add "fire stoppers" to their long and credible resume. Superheros, one would ask? Sure!

With all the fires that are going on in California, Heidi and Steve Sanders apartment was in the path or destruction. Ugh, we were SO close. Anyway, when the fire came too close Steve Sanders then used a garden hose and sprayed the fire away (the hose was probably on "gentle stream") until the fire-fighters came to their rescue. Clearly, God is on Team Lauren.

Heidi was talking with Ryan Seacrest about this terrifying experience and she said, "Spencer was literally down there putting out the fire and I was screaming at him 'Come back here, the firemen are coming!!'"

Ok, first. Why won't she call him Steve Sanders? Annoying. Second, I would have told him to keep spraying and then I would have tied the hose in a knot. Third, I would have specifically yelled to Heidi, "Sing Heidi! Sing those flames away! Dance Heidi! Flail your arms and dance that fire right out!"

You see, this way they could have also used the devastating fires to plug Heidi's new album. Duh! Rookies.

Heidi and Spencer Stop ALL the Fires


Anonymous said...

"Ok, first. Why won't she call him Steve Sanders? Annoying."

Friggin' brilliant!

Taylor said...

The fire was in We Ho ? Me thinks not. Where's the TMZ video for this, the ultimate whores of all media would certainly create a fire if they thought it would get them in US magazine, or anywhere for that matter.