Friday, October 05, 2007

Heidi. Spencer. Taco Bell. Exactly.

Guess who found new options on his photoshopping tools! Anyway, Heidi and Steve Sanders will be helping people, poor people...hungry people. In other words, "them" in 5 years. Heidi and Steve Sanders have signed on to join "Yum Restaurants," who own Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc, and The World Food Program to raise awareness and funds during World Hunger Relief Week, according to

This is great. I think the poor and hungry will really appreciate these two raising money. I wonder if proceeds from Heidi's upcoming CD and "world tour" will go to benefit this World Food Program. If so, maybe I'll match the proceeds. In other words, I'll be possibly donating $11.00. I'm also hoping that Heidi and Steve Sanders will be providing demonstrations to the hungry on how to chew your food by using your very strange, big, blindingly white teeth. Audrina should totally help out with that one.

Heidi. Spencer. Taco Bell. Exactly.

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Anonymous said...

It's totally obvious in the new US Weekly (that Heidi whored herself out to) that Heidi also had her chin done. Check out the profiles for before and after. Usually the surgeons balance out the nose with the chin anyway. If you're gonna come clean about it, why not tell all? She sucks. I'm still laughing from the "flailing arms" performance on her b-day.