Friday, October 19, 2007

If Whitney Is Back, Where Are the Receipts

If Whitney Houston made a comeback last night where are the receipts? I wanna see the receipts. Let me get one thing straight, Diane, comebacks are cheap. I don't do comebacks. Comebacks are cheap. Comebacks are whack. Ok I'm done. Anyway, the original celebrity trainwreck, Whitney Houston, made a very top secret appearance last night at Swarovski Fashion Rocks in London. I guess it really was a big secret. They flew Whitney out of NYC and dropped her ass off in London and she made an appearance on stage to introduce the final runway show while her friends Patti La Belle and Sugababes performed horrific song, Lady Marmalade.
What a real treat/who cares. I'm sorry, but it's not possible for me to see Whitney Houston without thinking of that kick-arse Diane Sawyer interview from a few years back and also that skit from Mad TV of Whitney "screwing up the hits." See below...still just as funny.


Taylor said...

The 'show me the receipts' is hilarious. I forgot she said that. She is the original train wreck. Whitney and Bobby and his fake BS 'heart attack' translate : I need more atttention, he had a few weeks back. I loved their reality show. It was scary cuz they are both truly CRAZY.

Don't forget Maya Rudolph on SNL doing Whitney, she's my all time fave.

Anonymous said...

I can't see whitney and not think about her famous quote "KISS MY ASS!" that was played over and over on The Soup!! I will always love whitney for that quote