Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...In Other News...

After it was posted on her website that she and Steve Sanders were the "rumor starters" of the Lauren Conrad (The Hills) sex tape, Heidi Montard then went public to let everyone know that she didn't write it and that her website was hacked. Apparently her face was hacked too. In other news...

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1 comment:

Taylor said...

Does her 'whor-i-ness' know no bounds ? I thought the pics of her 'running' on the beach with the red board thingy life guards use was bad, but now the taco bell one's really take the cake. Is taco bell that fricken stupid ? I would not want her to represent any product I had, except... maybe... well you know - Massengill. THATSRIGHT.DOUCHEBAG. My fave word. bwahhahahaha