Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lindsay and Her Box. Clever.

I've received many emails asking why I haven't commented on Lindsay being out of rehab. My thought process is pretty basic and I've stated it before. "A sober Lindsay is a boring Lindsay." While Lindsay remains sober over the next few weeks, I predict that there won't be a lot for me to write about. I am, however, keeping my fingers crossed that Dina Lohan gets busted for something...or maybe even gets some horrible plastic surgery. Anyway, once I saw this recent photo of Lindsay and her box outside in Utah I figured, how could I not comment.

Rumors are swirling (I don't know how they "swirl" but whatever) that Lindsay has shit-canned Dina as her manager. However, has contacted Dina's reps and they stated, "Dina remains Lindsay's manager and, more importantly, her mother." Thanks retards! What do they mean "and, more importantly, her mother." It's not like Lindsay can fire her as her mother. Divorce, sure. Fired, not possible.

Who Shot Lindsay's Box?!?
Lindsay and Her Box. Clever.

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