Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Me and St. Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx

So I was walking to work yesterday morning, trying to dodge and weave against the other 212 million people who were also walking to work, when all of a sudden I was walking by Good Morning America and thought to myself, "Is that Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx yelling into a microphone?" was. If only the Olsen Sluts had been there I could have crossed them off the list too. But, since clearly I'm a "the glass is half full" type of guy I decided to detour right and stand there and watch J. Glow perform. And perform she did. I never admit when I'm wrong, but I will this time I will. Saint Jenny was actually....wait for it...wait for it....wait for it....singing. She was not lip-syncing, but actually using her voice and throwing it into the microphone.

So I stood there for about 3 minutes when I realized, wait a minute..I don't actually like J Lo music. So I turned to leave when Diane Sawyer runs on stage and says into the camera that "J Lo has shut down Times Square." Really? Shut down? If you mean there were about 250 people standing in front of the stage then "sure" Times Square was shut down. Just what J Glow needs....more fuel to add to her ego. J Lo was jumping around so much on stage that I'm thinking if she is pregnant, she isn't anymore. Good day.

Me and St. Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx


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Chris said...

OMG! I saw that too! (Well, the stage setup anyway) I work on the next block. We're like, neighbors! Poor J-Lo, though. An audience full of Times Square tourists.

And please, she didn't shut down anything, just one block between 6th and 7th avenue. Hardly a shut down.