Monday, October 01, 2007

Pam Anderson to Continue Spreading Hep C

I'm not 100% sure how you spread Hepatitis C, but I'm almost positive that it's spread through getting married. Yup, I just checked my World Book Encyclopedia's circa 1987 and that's what it said. Anyway, Pamela Anderson Lee Hep Rock C has been issued a marriage license with Rick Solomon. Oh yeah, you might remember Rick from the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape video. I can picture it now as Pammy Pants tries to introduce Rick to her kids. It will probably go roughly like this (please note this dialogue is not drawn to scale):

"Hey kids, this is your new daddy. Yes, you may not know who he is yet, but he is a famous movie star. Well, more like direct to DVD star. You see, your new daddy use to have "bang" with Paris Hilton. Uh-huh. Yup, and he taped it. And then he sold it. Your new daddy is a good man. Between your original daddy (whoever that may be) and Kid Rock and Rick Solomon, mommy hopes to just smear disease all over this house! Now go outside and run with these here scissors. Run faster!"

End scene. That's how I feel that introduction would have gone down.

Who Said That!?!
Pam Anderson to Continue Spreading Hep-C


Anonymous said...

Educate. Hep C is not spread thru sexual contact, unless its very rough sex. Hep C is passed via blood to blood contact.

Anonymous said...

Hep C is a blood born pathegen. It can only be spread by blood... soo all you boys who had blood brothers.. get tested all of you who even once tried drugs with a needled.. get tested.. if you have received blood transfusion... get tested!! in fact anyone who has ever bled.. get tested!