Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Paula Abdul Wants a Baby. Have Britney's!

I hate it when my title is the funniest thing about the story. So, I'll say it again. Paula Abdul wants a baby. Have Britney's! Applause, applause, applause. Turn on the laugh-track. And thank you.

Paula Abdul is telling People Magazine about her need for having a baby and I'm guessing she thinks he boyfriend of only 5-months, JT Torregiani, has never heard of People Magazine and/or can't read. Even more shocking, Paula Abdul is 45. She's getting old. I'm getting old. You're ALL getting old and will die....soon. Just saying.
Paula continued saying that women are having their first child in their late 40's and their second child in their 50's. Yeah Paula, those babies are called "accidents" and those women are called "whores." Get it straight. If Paula can't pass a child through her "gentlemen greeter" then she would consider adopting. Errr...uhhhh....I'd say let's see first if she can take care of MC Skat Cat for 1 week and if she can we'll consider letting her repopulate.
Who Said That!?!
Paula Abdul Wants a Baby. Have Britney's!

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