Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reality Show Awards 2007. Ouch.

The chicks from Big Brother 8
Sanjaya and that girl who can only cry

Dick Donato (BB8 Winner) and Elvira (because that makes sense)

Brooke Hogan (and her boobs)
The 2007 Reality Show Awards were a complete success this year and by "success" I mean "I have no idea why something like this even exists." You know half the people that were there are the ones that are like, "I don't consider myself a reality star I just really believe in the project that I was involved in." Yeah, and then as soon as there's a show and some cameras these are the same people that are charging the red carpet to get their picture taken. I'm not really sure what the categories were and/or who won and/or if you even win and/or if awards are technically given out and/or who cares, but it was good to a lot of complete randoms all being random together in a random place.
Seriously what's up with that "crying Sanjaya" girl? I thought her 15 minutes was up. I'm sure she can't wait to put this crap on her college applications. Other random reality whores in attendance were Chris Crocker (leave Britney alone guy/gal), The Girls Next Door, Danny Bonaduce, and Janice Dickinson.

Reality Show Awards 2007. Ouch.

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