Monday, October 08, 2007

Shhh! We're Hunting Britney

Losing custody of your kids must be a real hoot! And nothing fills that void quite like some food from Taco Bell. Jaime Lynn Spears, a "Britney in Waiting," joined her sister for a little take-out and a laugh because, let's face it, the drive through is a blast. If I had lost custody of my kids I would probably stay in seclusion until I got them back. And I would probably wear a business suit 24 hours a day because, well, I just think it would make me look more official and serious.

How crazy is it that this many people follow Britney to get her picture taken. It's insane that there isn't some type of law against this. Oh and by "law" I actually mean "I don't care."
I just that Britney is providing tips to her little sister on how to really whore up her life, lose her kids, flash her "gentlemen greeter," and shave her head. You know, all the typical things that siblings discuss on a regular basis.

Get well soon Britney! And by "get well soon" I really mean "get crazier, now!"

Shhh! We're Hunting Britney

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