Monday, October 15, 2007

Two Headed Simpson Sisters

Are the Simpson sisters the new Olsen Sluts? They better not be! Ok, ok, there is plenty of room for two sets of slut-bag sisters in this world. Ashlee and Jessica Simpson were at the "Visions of Hollywood" fiesta at the GQ Lounge. I'm not quite sure what that means and don't really care. More importantly, at first I thought that was the Simpson's mother, Tina, who was sitting with her daughters, but it isn't. It's actually Cheri Oteri, former SNL member. Really? Yes. How in the holy hell does she get in the Simpson mix? I should be in the Simpson mix, similar to Chex mix.

Anyway, what's up with Ashlee? In case you've recently gone blind her face looks all jacked up and she looks trashed. While "trashed" is typically a plus in my eyes, I'm going to have to knock her down a few notches. That's right folks, I'm now putting Jessica Simpson ahead of Ashlee Simpson. That's right I said it. Deal with it. Ok, I have to go.

Two Headed Simpson Sisters

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that's what she said...

Cheri Oteri? That is so random.