Monday, November 12, 2007

Audrina & Justin Bobby Break Up. Thanks

Uh, are the kids still saying "dunzo?" Well if so, Audrina and Justin Bobby are dunzo. Great, thanks for nothing, Audrina. Say adios to hair and teeth because, more than likely, you'll never see these two together again. Oh and, for sure, we will never see Justin Bobby again.

Audrina was finally no longer blinded by her teeth when she saw Justin Bobby doing something at a night club that "he shouldn't have been doing." Was he perming hair, Audrina? Wearing a winter hat in the middle of the summer while indoors? Wearing too much leather? Were his pants too short? Combat boots and a bathing suit? What was it? Time to be specific, skank.

Audrina told Us Weekly, who clearly blow "The Hills," that "I don't feel like he was giving it his all. I'm always there for him no matter what and sometimes I don't feel it's mutual." Yeah whocareswhateverthatsdumb.

Well thanks for nothing, teeth. I made my rent each month by owning Now what? Am I supposed to just forget about that? Doubtful. You better hope he goes OJ on your ass because I'm looking to upgrade my living situation.

Who Claims This!?!
Audrina & Justin Bobby Break Up. Thanks

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vivs said...

How come? He said she was good last week!!! She's real good... haha... Things u shouldn't be doing in a club: Mmmm... Bitting some stranger's neck, breaking glasses everywhere, sleeping on top o someone... hmmm what else? What could he be doing??