Friday, November 16, 2007

Breaking News: An Olsen Has Teeth

One of the Olsen's, doesn't matter which one, as at the "Seventh on Sale Gala" yesterday right here in New York City. Tricky Olsen's in the city! I'll be keeping my eye out for you. Regardless Mary-Michelle-Ashley-Kate-Gibbler-Tanner-Olsen was showing some teeth last night and, I must say, I now understand why The Olsen Sluts typically don't smile. I just assumed it was because they weren't rich enough or that were so malnourished that they couldn't flex their smile muscles, but apparently it's because they look like retards when they do. Who knew that Olsen Teeth would be so shocking. Therefore they should live by this motto: "A Tight-Lipped Olsen is a Better Olsen." Repeat that in the mirror 3 times each morning and they'll be good to go.

I'm clearly not big into fashion, and such, but was this a costume party? Why does Mary-Michelle-Ashley-Kate-Gibbler-Tanner-Olsen look like he/she is wearing her mother's clothes? Oh, and by "mother's clothes" I really mean "Ant Becky's."

Breaking News: An Olsen Has Teeth

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on, she's kind of cute, in a pre-pubescent Goldie Hawn sort of way.