Monday, November 26, 2007

Britney's Boston Boyfriend

I know what you're thinking. When IBBB was spending Thanksgiving week in Boston and then news broke that Britney's new boyfriend was from Boston, you assumed it was me. Hell, I assumed it was me, but then I realized that it wasn't because, well, I don't know her. That's usually a good enough reason. It has been rumored that Britney's new boyfriend is originally from Boston and is now a waiter at Mirabelle restaurant in Los Angeles (pictured above). Britney stopped in the restaurant for a visit and some food due to the fact that her body has recently been rejecting Taco Bell and she required something not deep fried (y'all).
A random drunken source close to Britney has said that she instantly fell for the waiter and that the two are "always texting eachother." I love text-message relationships. It's way easier then the phone.

In other Britney news while I was on vacation it appears that Britney may be adopting Chinese twins. Sorry Britney, no substitution.

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