Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Couple of Lohans

Let's face it America (and East Germany) Lindsay Lohan is a bore. However, you know what's not a bore? An alternative Lohan and Dina and a gumball machine. Now that's fun. Dina hasn't been around so many balls since her night out at Hyde on Tuesday! Oh! Stop me if you heard this before! Anyway, Lindsay's little sister who is 13, yet looks 20, is at a photoshoot by Albert Ferriera at the Lohan house the day before Halloween. I'm shocked to see Dina jumping in the photos too. Hmmm. Odd. Luckily she's wearing her skin tight jeans and trendy sweater just for the hell of it.

The house may have been decorated for Halloween, but you know that police tape on the front door was the remains from the last fight that Dina and Michael Lohan got in. The cobwebs on the bushes, you ask? My money is on the cobwebs being from Dina's crotch. Yup, I absolutely went there. If Lindsay is going to remain sober then this is the crap that you're going to have to read. Blame her, not me.

P.S --> Hey Ali, you better be on your hands and knees every day thanking your sweet Jesus that the family freckles seemed to have skipped you. Praise God! Yes! Praise God!

A Couple of Lohans

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GammaGirl said...

Not gonna lie, if Dina'a show is even remotely as entertaining as the Kardashian's (Brody Jenner! DUI's! Underage strippers!),I might watch.

However, good ratings would mean that white oprah would get to extend her 15 minutes and possibly get the opportunity to suck the life from another child.

Eh, not worth it!