Monday, November 05, 2007

...In Other News...

The Douche-Bag Sisters are secretly mocking Lohan, I can just tell. Really funny, skanks. Way to make fun of the boring girl who can't drink anymore and isn't the life of the party. That's my job. Anyway, The Douche-Bag Sisters were at the launch of the Christmas handbag collection by Samantha Thavasa in Tokyo today. That sounds like it's a horrible, terrible, horrible, horrible time. In other news...
~ Jessica Simpson is Like a Door-to-Door Salesman ~ PopBytes
~ Britney Goes Chandelier Shopping ~ CelebritySmack
~ It's a Fatass World After All ~ AgentBedHead
~ Winehouse Scares Snoop ~ POTP
~ How 'Bout Some Nancy O'Dell Rack? ~ FatBack
~ Nancy Grace Gives Birth/Attitude ~ NinjaDude
~ It's Official, Christina Aguilera is 93 Weeks Pregnant ~ Yeeeah!
~ Get Caught Up on The Hills ~

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Marcy said...

Wait! Where's The Hills recap for this week? I went to the JustinBobby sit but it seems to only show the one from New York, and before. =( Am I missing something??