Friday, November 09, 2007

...In Other News...

Oh that tricky Lohan! You see what she's doing there? Let me explain it. Lindsay is "pulling a prank" on the paparazzi and "giving them a taste of their own medicine" by taking pictures of...wait for it....wait for it.....them. Oh you innovative prankster you! In other news...

~ My So Called Life: The Review ~ AgentBedHead
~ Hallmark Aint Afraid of No Paris Hilton ~ CelebritySmack
~ Pickler Tears, Pickler Rack ~ FatBack
~ Jessica Biel Looks Miserably Friendly ~ NinjaDude
~ Vince Vaughn Hearts Photoshop ~ PopBytes
~ Britney Forgot a Few Tests ~ POTP
~ Conan O'Brien's Stalker ~ Yeeeah

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