Friday, November 02, 2007

Jolie en Rose by Elodie Otto

"Operation Sell-Out" continues for IBBB and this time Elodie Otto from "The Hills" has called on me to help me sell her new product line called "Jolie en Rose" ( which is a great bath and body line that features body lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, and more in some great scents like caramel apple, coconut, cotton candy, rejuvenating mint and more! The price is pretty sweet too and you totally can afford it. Don't pretend you can't. If you're spending $20.00 on 1 martini you can certainly afford this.

What better way to support your favorite "The Hills" character who called Heidi "sad" and then said "See Ya!" to her as Heidi and her chin looked confused. Christmas is right around the corner, but don't wait until then, buy some of this stuff now in time to smear it all over your Thanksgiving turkey. Hey, even your turkey wants to smell nice. Do it for the pilgrims. Do it for the Mayflower. Do it for Elodie.

Ok, so when you head over to to buy your bath and body products, be sure to shoot Elodie over an email and let her know that you found her products from ImBringingBloggingBack. Sadly, I'm not making a dime off this (per usual), but am really trying to secure my spot at The Hills Wedding of the Century between Heidi and Steve Sanders. I'm hoping Elodie will "pay if forward."

Elodie was also featured in this weeks OK! Magazine and talking about her product line there as well. I like how me and OK! Magazine are on the same level.

Similar to "Where's Waldo" try to find ALL the ways I sold-out in this blog post/advertisement.

P.S If you don't buy these products, I hear you'll smell like Heidi's stinky "gentleman greeter" and you don't want to smell like that, right?

P.P.S If you don't buy these products you are on "Team Steve Sanders" (aka Spencer) and you support terrorism. Good day.
Jolie en Rose by Elodie Otto


JLeap said...

Hahahahahaha that was hilarious. Hiedi "Gentleman Greeter" Montang hahahaha

Anonymous said...

There should definitely be douches in this line of the Jean Nate fragrance, I'm sure. Ewwwwww! Who could bring themselves to buy it for real? I feel lame even thinking about it.

Elodie said...

You rock!!! Thank you so much for the best blog ever!

ibbeckyb said...

Ah ma ga. Elodie actually reads your blog! "Teeny-bopper sees teen hearthrob scream"!!!