Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Paris Hilton is F'n Stupid

Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title then that one. Does Paris Hilton's t-shirt say "I Heart Hoe Bags and Boys?" I guess it's good to have self acceptance and, clearly, she is a Hoe Bag...or ho bag...whatever. At this point Paris is a caricature of herself.

Besides being a consistent douche-bag or "bagadouche" as my friend Janine says, Paris Hilton would like to set the record straight that she is not helping raise awareness of the binge-drinking elephants of India. Therefore, Paris Hilton must be in support of drunken elephants. I know I am. I like everything and everyone drunk as a skunk. I see a person, I want them drunk. I see see a dog, I want it drunk. I see a chair, I pour vodka all over it and try to get it drunk. Then I take chair rides. It's a long story. Regardless, Paris Hilton is a retard. Good day.

Who Shot that Ho Bag!?!


Janine said...

I think her shirt says I heart shoes, bags and boys....looker at it closer next time dumbass!!
Love me!!

Janine said...

I love when my name is put in your stories:)

Anonymous said...

Janine, you are not the only friend that makes the blog! and I dont recall that you have made it on an HC Wednesday!!