Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Raven Symone's Ghost Boobs

Raven Symone was at the CosmoGirl 2007 Born to Lead Awards and she brought out her famous ghost boobs! Say cheese Raven! How the hell old is Raven? I feel like I was 15 when she was playing "Olivia" in The Cosby Show. Not I think somehow she's older than me. Regardless, she showing some good old ghost boobage.

Here's a little trivia fact for you? Did you know that at one point Raven Symone and Lindsay Lohan were roommates? Yes, they were. Perhaps I read that on a Snapple cap. Perhaps I had a dream about it. Perhaps I'll just say perhaps. Perhaps.

Thanks to all of you that continually send me pictures of cameltoe and ghost boobs. I feel like I'm really doing my job well when I get emails from all of you and end it with, "is it weird that when I see cameltoe and/or ghost boobs I think of you?" No, it's not weird...not weird at all. It's healthy, very healthy. I mean, you'll burn in hell for being a bad person and looking at smut, but whatever. We'll be friends in hell.

Raven Symone's Ghost Boobs


Taylor said...

thanks for posting this. She looks great, she lost a lot of weight, She used to be gigantasaurus.

that's what she said...

i feel hurt that you didn't photoshop little ghosts into the pic.

Anonymous said...

I am also let down that Raven didnt get clip art ghostas. do you not like her as much?

Anonymous said...

Raven is the hottest woman in hollywood...she was never big.