Monday, November 05, 2007

Shia LaBeouf Arrested

Move over Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, Michelle Rodriguez, Kiefer Sutherland, Kid Rock, Da Brat, Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte, OJ Simpson (2007), and countless others because there's fresh prison meet on the block. Shia LaBeouf was arrested on Sunday morning for allegedly being intoxicated and not wanting to leave a Walgreens in Chicago because, apparently, that's illegal. The security guard has asked Shia to leave Walgreens around 2:30 am and when he wouldn't leave the security guard detained him until the real police arrived and put him in cuffs. Wait a second. The security guard detained him? Aren't they live Mall Parking Lot Police? You don't have to listen to them do you? And where in Walgreens would you be detained, actually? Perhaps they lock you behind the photo lab? Perhaps they store you away in the pharmacy? Perhaps I'll just use the word "perhaps."

Regardless, the real police said that Shia was very "polite and courteous" and had posted bail before 7:30 AM. Too Shia Shia was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing along with 1 count of "who the hell wants to stay at a Walgreens?" He'll be in court on Nov 28th. I'm not what the outcome will be, but I believe if found guilty Shia could face up to life in prison. Yeah, let's go with that.

Shia LaBeouf Arrested



maybe he was hoping bumble bee would show up and save him from the detaining security guard that was clearly from the decepticon world.

Taylor said...


I just watched Transformers on the plane yesterday, and realized why Shia is so popular : He's the new JOHN CUSACK !!!

glad its not drunk driving. Cuz that is some seriously sad shit. Drunk in CVS....PARTY ON SHIA !!!!

that's what she said...

Ang, if you're reading this....can you enlighten us? Where did they detain Walgreens criminals? Next to the Wal-Tussin?

Anonymous said...

shia is such a cutie he has come a long way from Even Stevens.

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