Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spencer Pratt Sex Tape? Blinding Teeth?

Sex tape, get your free sex tape here. All you Hills fans out there you better prepare yourself because there may be a Steve Sanders sex tape. I'd assume it will consist of blinding teeth and a white Santa Claus beard.

The National Enquirer has printed a story that claims the Steve Sanders is trying to sell footage of himself having "the sex" with some random Brazilian chicks a few years ago and now wants to go with the angle that it was "stolen" so he can make millions off of this.

However, Steve Sanders has spoken with Us Weekly, whom clearly blow The Hills, and claims there is not sex tape.

I don't know what's worse, the fact that Steve Sanders could have had a sex tape or the fact that now this sex tape has put a mental image in my brain of Steve Sanders and Heidi Montard having "the sex." I picture lots of teeth marks, chins bumping, and awkward eye movement. Gross. I'd rather see Heidi's mom try to have "the sex" with her horse. Forget it, that's still the same as Heidi and Steve Sanders having "the sex." I'm going to fix myself a bleach and Windex cocktail. Good day.

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Spencer Pratt Sex Tape? Blinding Teeth?
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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ibbeckyb said...

Wow, these peeps are really trying to hawk the video, huh? I'd rather gauge my eyes out with a dull rusty nail than click on those links.