Monday, December 17, 2007

Ashley Tisdale's New Nose. Really??

Look, you know how I feel about anyone who is in High School Musical. I've never seen it and I don't understand it. However, now that The Hills is on a break and I can't comment on the new noses of Lo, Jenn Bunney, and Heidi I find my obsession with facial changes that don't look so great to grow. Ashley Tisdale showed off her spanking new nose at the Z100 Jingle Ball in NYC and I must'd go back for seconds if I were her. I love the people who say that are going in because they have a "deviated septum" and they don't want to really change the look of their face? Really? Yeah, no, I'd totally change it. When I become famous (for writing this blog?) I am getting a crapload of plastic surgery. I won't stop until I finally look like the guy who played the father in Alf. I feel that that's when all the doors will open up for me.

Anyway, Ashley told People Magazine, "I've known for years that I've had a deviated septum...I was so out of breath, I started hyperventilating...They were thinking it was a heart attack. The [tour] doctor got me an oxygen tank and I sat outside the stage and breathed in oxygen until I could catch my breath."

Do you really lose that much breath lip-syncing?

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Ashley Tisdale's New Nose. Really??

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kc said...

I don't really notice a difference between her old nose and new nose.