Tuesday, December 04, 2007

...In Other News...

Selma Blair is doing her best "Olsen Skank" impression with one of the Olsen Sluts. Frankly, it doesn't matter which one. Anyway, Selma and an unnamed Olsen were all weird smiles at the Kiki De Montparnasse store opening yesterday. I don't know what 3 of those 6 words mean. In other news...

~ Aretha Franklin Does Not Look Like a Pineapple at All. Nope. ~ CelebritySmack
~ Tara Reid, Her Boobs, and Some Water. Ole! ~ AgentBedHead
~ Aaron Carter Crashes and Smiles ~ PopBytes
~ Jessica Sierra is The American Dream ~ FatBack
~ Amy Winehouse is my 5th Grade Nun ~ NinjaDude
~ Jennifer Love Hewitt Claus is Engaged ~ POTP
~ Britney is a Real Giver ~ Yeeeah
~ The Worst Joker Ever ~ Ayyyy
~ Celebrity Pouters ~ CityRag

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