Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's "Hills" Day. Why Not Elodie?

So while hunting down the Olsen Sluts in LA, I ended up meeting up with my new pseudo friend, Elodie, from The Hills. E-Dog (that's what I call her...she just doesn't know it) was out selling her new bath and body line (http://www.jolieenrose.com/) this past weekend and she was selling and I mean selling like a hooker during a heatwave. Regardless, her sales tactics worked and she sold out of ALL of her products, but don't worry you sick bastards, you can still buy some on her website.

Let me just tell you this (operation sellout mission aside), Elodie was really nice without a hint of douche-bagism and was way hotter in person. Take it from me, I am as shallow and superficial as they come and she was hot. As I was standing there talking with her I noticed that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green (David Silver from 90210) walked by. First off, Megan Fox...insanely hot. Second off, David Silver? Are you kidding. It took ALL of my power and strength to not bring up Steve Sanders aka Spencer Pratt. I wanted to ask about Jim and Cindy Walsh, but didn't. I also didn't have my camera so Elodie was nice enough to send over this picture of her and Megan.

Anyway, I'm a big believer in "paying it forward" so be sure to support Elodie and her bath and body line by visiting jolie en rose at http://www.jolienrose.com/. Remember, if you don't buy her products you support terrorism and probably think the Holocaust never happened. So, buy that crap or you'll be jailed....I'm assuming.

It's "Hills" Day. Why Not Elodie?

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Anonymous said...

Just because Elodie finally lost it on Heidi and was part of the best Hills scene ever, I checked out her site. (the second link in the blog is missing an "e" by the way). doesn't look half bad. weird that is has the Eiffel Tower image though.