Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cloverfield Premiere. Uh, Ok.

Now, can you tell if a new movie is going to suck based on the people that show up to the premiere? Well the premiere of the new movie, Cloverfield, had a real cast of characters walk across the red carpet. I believe Cloverfield is a movie about New York City being destroyed. Hmm, sounds safe. Anyway, every random celebrity under the sun stopped by for this premiere. First and foremost, my personal hero (next to Guy Smiley), Joel McHale walked the red carpet and even did a little "pretend pissing" near the Statue of Liberty. Brilliant. Joel rules and I am completely comfortable admitting that I have a man-crush on him.

Next up, of course, Heidi Montard and Steve Sanders (aka Spencer Pratt) made sure that Heidi's new nose was camera ready. Uh-oh, look who's wearing their reality engagement ring again! That was me pretending I actually cared about it. I did that one for the kids.

Then, there's my second crush, Kristin Cavallari. Why does her face look different? Perhaps it was mandatory plastic surgery in order for her to appear on The Hills. Regardless, me gusta Kristin Cavallari.

Finally we have everyones favorite, Lindsay No Pants. This was Lindsay's first red carpet event since she gave up the booze and Lindsay apparently took her best hair out of moth-balls for the night. Does anyone tell her that crap doesn't look close to real? Oh well, if it keeps her off the bottle....


Anonymous said...

I usually love Kristin, but she looks AWFUL. What's different?

Anonymous said...

i hate to say it but I think heidi looks good here