Tuesday, January 22, 2008

J Lo: Just a Girl From The Bronx

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx really is just a simple girl from the Bronx who's attending her simply Bronx-like baby shower at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Oh, her baby shower was thrown by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas who produced J Glow in the "hit" movie "Maid in Manhattan." Other simple people that were in attendance were Leah Remini, Roberto Cavalli, Diane Sawyer, and Lupe Lopez. Keeping with the simple theme, the entire place was decorated in blue and pink and Swarovski crystal. One drunken eye witness claimed that J Lo looked "very pretty and very pregnant." Well let's hope so, as J Lo is pregnant. If she wasn't she'd basically just be having a party and stealing some gifts. Now THAT'S more Bronx-like. Just assuming.

Anyway, Saint Jennifer showed up wearing a black coat that kinda looks like those accordion folders and Marc Anthony really classed things up by apparently wearing grey Adidas running pants with black shoes, a see-through black sweater, and a coat that resembles what the crazy dude from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wore. Way to go that extra mile.

Who Said That!?

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