Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mariah, J Lo, and a Pig Walk Into a Bar

Oh yeah! It's time for a good old fashioned American and Bronxian Sass-Off! If you thought that you're life would be complete if you could only hear Mariah Carey and Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx singing together on stage then you will be sadly disappointed. When asked about the liklihood of this happening Mariah responded, "I'd rather be on stage with a pig - a duet with J Lo and me just ain't going to happen."

Uh, sooooooooooieeeee! Being on stage with J Glow is like being on stage with a pig. I'm just kidding. Being on stage with Lupe Lopze (her mom) is like singing with a pig. That Lupe is a real slam-pig, or so I hear when I'm riding the 6. I have no idea what any of that means. The point is is that I want to hear Mariah and Saint Jennifer singing "Waiting for Tonight" and doing futuristic dance moves. Hell, I'd settle for them both singing Bailamos and/or insert popular Spanglish song from 1998 here ___________.

At this time J Glow has yet to comment on Mariah's statement as she is still peacing the puzzle together of what exactly Marc Anthony is.

Anyway, let me settle this between these two once and for all. Mariah, don't dance....ever. J Lo, don't sing....ever. Mariah and J Lo, don't act....ever...ever....ever again. Problem solved!

Mariah, J Lo, and a Pig Walk Into a Bar


concerned reader said...

This is a RUMOR! Miss Carey never said that. Please retract your article. Note what People.com says:

Anonymous said...

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