Monday, March 03, 2008

Oprah's Big Give!!!!!!!

  • Oprah's new reality show started up last night. I'm pretty sure this is a big trick and this will really be Oprah's Favorite Things episode, but I'll watch anyway.
  • In typical Tyra Banks fashion, Oprah calls the contestants personally. If Oprah called me I would definitely ask her if Gayle was in bed next to her. I'd then, for sure, be asked to no longer be on the show.
  • Some of the contestants react like the normal audience members at the Oprah show...well the women do. The guys are just like, "cool, thanks Oprah.
  • It's been 5 full minutes. Why hasn't Oprah given out a car yet? I'm bored.
  • It's been 6 minutes and Oprah already started yelling and is even showing about 3 centimeters of cleavage or "Oprage" as I like to call it.
  • 7 minutes in and Oprah yells, "you're very fiiiiiirst challllennnnnngggge!" I'm officially watching the entire season.
  • Teams are formed and the challenges are ready to begin. The first teams stops off at this ladies house. She doesn't know who they are, but she (and her two little daughters) let in the strangers. Note to self, bring a camera crew and just start burglarizing people. Oh, and say you're with the Oprah show too. Clearly everyone buys that.
  • Ok IBBB readers, we have an issue. These stories are kind of sad...horrific even. I don't think that even I can make fun of them. Crap. I'll have to just stick to Oprah. I hope she pops up soon!
  • Ok there's the car. I assumed Oprah would find a way to toss one in. Where has Oprah been though? I miss her.
  • Why are the judges yelling at the fashion show team? It's like, "You're helping people and raising money, but I don't like fashion shows so why did you do it?!" Can you really do charity wrong?
  • Isn't Jamie Oliver a chef? Why is he a judge? I thought Oprah once said only God could judge us. Why didn't she get God?
  • Nate Berkus and Ryan Seacrest are the same person right?
  • Kimberly gets the boot this week. Thanks Kimberly, you can stop helping people now.


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