Friday, April 25, 2008

Attica! Attica! Attica!

Wesley Snipes is about to pull an accelerated Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton prison sentence, it's been announced. Snipes was found guilty of doing "tax tricks" with the US government and was therefore sentenced to 3-years in the clank. Yowza! Who knew filing your taxes was a requirement. I better get on that STAT.

Snipes addressed the court and stated, "I'm very sorry for my mistakes and errors. I apologize to my family, the court and the community. I've asked the court to show me mercy and the opportunity to make things right."

Yeah, well the court didn't show too much mercy. Looks like Wesley is going to be slow dancing with a couple of inmates shortly. He didn't, however, have to report directly to jail, but will be allowed to do so at a later date. How 'bout 2095?

I'll never understand why celebrities do this risky crap? You are rich, very rich. I would never break any law and risk ever not being able to spend my millions.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it...that Wesley Snipes is the guy that Halle Berry used to date that beat her up. She would never say who her "abusive boyfriend was" but it was widely speculated that it was Wesley Snipes. I think he hit her so hard one time that she has either partial or full hearing loss in one of her ears.

He deserves time behind bars.......

Taylor said...

Bye Bye Auntie Noxeema Jackson, They're GONNA love you in prision. I see a tear drop tattoo in your future.