Thursday, April 10, 2008

Audrina Gives Dead Eyes to the Camera

Why Audrina Patridge you zany little rodent you! Ever since we've seen Audrina's rack-attack just a few short weeks ago there have been more and more "modeling" pictures of Audrina coming out of the woodwork. This time around good old Aud straps on some leather, spiked high heels, dead eyes, and lets her hair blow like snakes in the wind. I don't know why she's being so coy and hiding her boobs. We've already seen them. In fact, she should be required by law to walk the earth topless. You know what? I'm going to march on Capitol Hill until they pass that as a law. In the meantime, enjoy Audrina being a vixen from an 80's rock video. I'm pretty sure that if she didn't make it onto The Hills she'd be trying out for Rock of Love III.

In other "Hills" news, as I reported early this week The Hills has been renewed for a 4th Season that is set to start airing on August 18th. I got a ton of emails telling me that we were already watching Season 4, to which I reply, "No we're not, stupid, we're in Season 3: Part 2. Now go F yourself." I hope The Hills, like Charro, never dies!

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Anonymous said...

The only time I gave dead eyes was when I was high. Just saying.