Friday, April 18, 2008

Breaking "The Hills" News! Shock & Horror!

Exclusive IBBB Photo from NYC

Perez's sources are like VISA, they're everywhere. My sources are like Diners Club....not really anywhere, but once in a while you find a place that accepts Diners Club. Make sense? Me either. Anyway, my super secret "The Hills" spy has spied me some craptastic Hills info on good old Spencer (Steve Sanders) and Heidi. While none of this should be a surprise for anyone to hear here's what went down at a pseudo lunch with Heidi and Spencer while they were in NYC this week. Below is the play by play, but to quickly sum up: The Hills is staged, Spencer never dated Audrina (it was staged), Brody has never dated Lauren, Spencer tried to convince Stephanie to not do the show, there really is a sex tape, Heidi is basically signed on to be in The Hills forever, Lauren's mom is psycho, the Higher music video was a total FU to the song writer, and Heidi gave away her dog. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about all this in the next few weeks, but you read it here first. Here's the details....

  • Spencer discussed how while The Hills is a reality show, but it's staged and he used "reality show" in air quotes.
  • Good old Spencer also talked about how he never dated Audrina, as the show made it seem. They met twice for about 5 minutes and filmed the "date scene" to create the drama.
  • Brody and Lauren have never dated and Brody basically used Lauren for the show. Remember when Brody wasn't on the show for a little while and then reappeared again out of the blue? Yeah, well that's because Brody was supposed to be getting his own show at the time so he peaced out. When that fell through, he came back and started "dating" Lauren again.
  • According to Spencer there is 100% a sex tape. Da-da-duuuuun. Lauren can't seem to escape this.
  • Lauren is just using Spencer's sister, Stephanie (Sandy Sanders) as a way to get back at both Heidi and Spencer. Speaking of Stephanie, Spencer actually tried to convince her not to do the show, but she thought the producers were so nice to her that she wanted to do it. Spencer said, "uh yeah just wait."
  • Stephanie is, in fact, 1-year sober.
  • Heidi was asked if she knows that she is always portrayed as the villain why doesn't she just leave the show. Apparently when Heidi signed onto The Hills, Lauren's dad reviewed the contract and she is signed on for like 10 years.....or world implosion, whichever happen first.
  • According to these two crazy cats, Lauren's mom is whacked out and spends all day visiting message boards and Hills websites leaving comments about how awesome Lauren is and how much Heidi and Spencer suck. Supposedly Lauren's sister does this as well. Heidi replied that her own mom works all day so doesn't have time to leave messages about Heidi on fan sites.
  • What's the deal with the song "Higher" and the video? Here's the deal. Heidi and Spencer hired some dude to write "Higher" and they didn't really love it, but wanted him to write a few more and didn't want to use Higher. The dude got pissed at them and then leaked the song. They asked him to write another song for Heidi and he basically blackmailed them saying that if they don't shoot a video for it he wouldn't write another song. Heidi and Spencer paid this dude a ton of money so they said F it and shot the video for Higher without putting a dime into it as a big F-U. Spencer said that he was on the beach holding a camera in one hand, a boom box in the other hand and he's yelling for Heidi to roll around on the sand. They laughed because it wasn't supposed to be serious, but ended up being the most viewed video on Yahoo ever and #6 on iTunes.
  • Finally, Heidi talked about how she actually ended up giving her dog away that she had in the first season of The Hills. Mystery solved!

So in summary, no huge surprises here, but it's interesting to actually hear this confirmed from the horses mouth...and Spencer's too.

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GammaGirl said...

OK, this made my morning!
I totally believe the part about LC's Mom trolling around on the internet leaving comments slamming Spencer and Heidi.
The "sex tape" was real?! LC should consider integrating it into her "brand." It worked for Parisite.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with ever getting on The Hills now, IBBB. Great info though.

Lauren rules and Heidi and Spencer suck.

Lauren's Mom

Anonymous said...

Guess what, I'm on my lunch break, Mother Effers! Lauren's mom, why don't you get your spoiled ass to Crested Butte and I'll let the horse loose on you. Oh, and get a job!

Heidi's Mom

Anonymous said...

LC's mom used to post all the time on

Anonymous said...

Great work! IBB is like my favorite little place that no one knows about. I am in your Diners Club LOL!

I hope the sex tape never dies!

Anonymous said...

I do not get it. I do not know Lauren personally and if she does have a bad personality....I have yet to hear her snitch on the dirty laundry of Heidi and Spencer. She has kept mum about a lot of situation except making people know her dislike for Spencer. Spencer and Heidi knows that the only way they can get more publicity is to trash Lauren and they both really know that they used her to get "famous". Hey IBBB you should get close to Lauren and maybe get yourself really on the map as well.

As for the sex tape.....shouldn't it have been broadcast to leaked into the net if one really exist. And if one did, maybe it did not even warrant it to be a sex tape but in Spencer's mind it is a sex tape.

The real difference between Heidi and Lauren...... White Trash and Class.

Anonymous said...

To respond to the anonymous post above, take your blinders off. The reason that LC doesn't talk is because she knows that she can't back it up.

I won't pretend to know the real story with anyone on the show - but your are exactly who MTV is editing the show for - and you're falling for their fairytale.

Anonymous said...

So are all the Speidi fights we see on television fake? Because on tv we see them fighting, but on everyday's tabloids, we see them being all over each others' disgustingness.

Anonymous said...

LMAO yes, because Heidi and Spencer hang outside the Conrad manor and watch what Kathy does - stalkers. Heidi's parents are very well off and as haggerish as they try to look and blend in with their horses they fail. Their plastic-obsessed daughter is crying out for help and they continue to ignore it. If Horsetag wasn't such an idiot she would not sign such a sketchy contract. Spencer spends his days online surfing the net along with Heidi who went around saying she co-wrote "Higher."

What was the point of her looking like more of an idiot crying in the middle of the road because her crack-head self couldn't sing on key let alone produce a video with Chucky. They will say anything - lets hope LC keeps The Hills season 4 as the last.

Anonymous said...

to respond to :"anonymous" from "anonymous".....even if she cannot back it is not really our business if she had a sex tape....that was done between her and her boyfriend.....and what kind of a friend will leak it to the media just to get I said....WHITE trash.....maybe like yourself?????

MC said...

well well well, I never believed the Audrina/Spencer thing, she can't pry herself away from Justin Bobby. No way. No how. And frankly, as much as I don't like Speidi, with out them, there would be no show. Whitney with her mouth open, Lauren with her big glasses and scarves, Audrina and her boobies, and thats it. NADA. Speidi makes it.

I don't care how fake it is, I don't care about any of it, I think its dang entertaining.

Party on.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what both parents think. If I was a parent I would support my child in a good mannor: no matter what he/she did. As for the rest of it. Who cares if the show is staged: I haven't missed a episode. No matter what each person is making a lot of money off the show. Who cares if the made me out to be a evil person (Hedi and Spencer); if I got paid that much I would give a crap what people thought!