Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Britney Hijacks Son, Heads to Starbucks

Beep beep here comes the Britney Mobile! Britney was with her son, either "What's His Face" or "The Other One," and made sure that she did not get into his car without her Starbucks. I actually assume she forced her son to head up the Pacific Coast Highway and stop at the first Starbucks that had a drive thru. Although they may need a car faster then that to outwit the paparazzi...unless of course the paparazzi were riding in one of those cars too. That would be fun seeing everyone going 3 mph trying to get away from each other. Someone make that happen for me. Thanks.

Anyway you can tell in the first picture that "What's His Face" is trying to bail from the car and Britney is forced to grab the wheel...never a good sign. I'm pretty sure he's about 2 seconds away from performing a "tuck and roll." The only thing I'm not liking about this new mode of transportation for Britney is that it's too low to the ground and we'll never be able to wave hello to her "gentlemen greeter" when she tries to exit the vehicle. Oh well I guess we can only go by memory....memory and Google searches.....memory, Google searches, and files on my computer in that folder that's titled "tax documents." Good day.

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