Monday, April 28, 2008

Can Halle Berry Just Stay Like This?

So, uh, can Halle Berry please stay like this? Thanks for your assistance. Halle may have only given birth 6-weeks ago, but she is back and better than ever thanks to her ginormous rack-attack. Now those could either be her boobs or she could have smuggled her baby, Nahla, with her to the Silver Rose Gala and Auction in Beverly Hills last night. Halle is insanely hot and I don't even mind that she has permanent chlorine stains on her left leg. I've truly grown so much as a person.

In other Halle Berry, less boob related news, Halle will be heading back to work to star in and produce the psychological drama "Frankie and Alice." Berry will play a woman with multiple personality disorder. Awesome! I hope one of those personalities has huge boobs as Halle has above. And, I hope that the "Alice" in Frankie and Alice is actually the Alice from The Brady Bunch. I always thought that chick was nuts. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Pension said...

She looks amazing ;-)

Dana said...

Umm, I think the chlorox stains are on the right leg.

Taylor said...

Rack Attack is right, she is gorgeous.