Monday, April 14, 2008

Heidi Plays "Fashion Show."

The sexy beastmaster that is Heidi Montag was all smiles (and boobs and chin) while at her very own fashion show for her new clothing line, which I refuse to name. Heidi didn't look too much like a newscaster during the fashion show, which is a positive sign for her and can only mean there are good things to come for her. I'm not sure why, I just assume. Her fake-fighting-ex-fiance-ex-live-in-boyfriend-roommate-on-again-off-again-boyfriend Spencer Pratt (aka Steve Sanders) was there to show his support and even gave her 2-dozen long stemmed pink roses. I'm pretty sure pink roses symbolize "douche-bag" but it could symbolize friendship. It's hard to tell. Either way he was there, surprisingly, without his boombox.

Heidi was asked about her relationship with Steve Sanders at the fashion show to which Heidi replied, "I mean, you know, we're up, we're down. It's just the routine. The bottom line is that we love each other. We always have and we're just trying to figure out our stuff like every other couple." Uh, translation: The Hills script hasn't been delivered to our fake apartment yet, so I'm not sure what to say.

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greylister said...

ew heidi is so ridiculous for doing this in response to LC's line. heidiwood is just an awful name to start with. &sweet, zebra belly tee you brohoe lololol. we at are shaking our heads in shame for her.
"because life isn't just black and white"