Monday, April 07, 2008

The Hills Season 4 is a Go! IBBB Exclusive!

I always see other pop culture bloggers talking about their "exclusive" news. Once I looked up what "exclusive" actually meant I figured I'd share some "exclusive" news on The Hills. While it hasn't gone public yet, The Hills Season 4 has been given the go-ahead and is scheduled to start airing on August 18th, just one day before my birthday. What a gift from Jesus!

Now let's not get confused, we are currently enjoying Season 3 Part II and not technically Season 4...yet. My source on Season 4 is insanely reliable and also is just plain old insane, which makes this even more fun. There is no word yet on who will be returning and which characters will be added and which will be given the boot, but there are two things I know: (1) Kristin Cavallari has been asked, again, to be part of The Hills and she has, again, turned it down. (2) Steve Sanders (Spencer) and Heidi are looking to cast a friend or two for them to play with on The Hills, but you must be rich and/or come from a rich family. Regardless, I'm tossing my name into the ring.

While we are only a couple of crapisodes deep in The Hills Season 3 Part II, I am disappointed that we haven't seen much of Jenn Bunney, her nose, or her head being tilted to the left each time she talks. Also, it's like Audrina is hardly part of the show anymore. Lisa Loveless? R.I.P.

So, my friends, spread the word about The Hills Season 4 for August 2008. I'm pretty sure Perez Hilton or some of those other crack-whores will either beat me to the punch or talk about this next week and it will make international headlines. You read it here first. This could be my first and last exclusive as I'm starting to already forget what the word "exclusive" means again. Good day.

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