Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If Brandon Walsh Looks This Old, Jim and Cindy Must Be Dead By Now

Da da da, da da da da holy hell! Brandon Walsh (I refuse to call him by his real name) was recently in NYC for the release of Mario Kart wii at the Nintendo World and was looking sorta old, which kinda hurts me because technically that means that I'm getting old too and that's just depressing. Brandon signed some autographs and even a Brandon Walsh doll according to Buzzfoto.com. That's nice. Know what's nicer? What's nicer is that ever since the buzz around the 90210 spinoff you get to see more and more of the old 90210 cast. However, you never really see Jim or Cindy Walsh, so I'll just assume that they're both dead and since I turn my assumptions into facts let's just start saying that Jim and Cindy are dead. They're dead. Both. Dead. Pass that on.

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