Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Coming For You, Jamie Lynn Sigler!

Wow, it's strange how much that title's meaning can change just by moving around the comma. Anyskank, good news for me and NYC because Jamie-Lynn Sigler is back on the trash-heap market! She allegedly broke up with her boyfriend Scott Sartiano and may be moving back to LA to focus on her acting career. I know what you're thinking. Why is that good for me if she's not going to be in NYC? Good question. First, none of your damn business. Second, she's going to focus on her acting in LA....which means she'll be back to NYC before you know it!

Hopefully when Jamie-Lynn heads out to LA she'll find someone to wax her arms, because that crap has to go. Hopefully she'll run into Alyssa Milano and get her arms waxed while she's at it too. Moving on. The drunken source who is claiming this break-up states, "It just couldn't work. It's what's best for them right now. They're both really sad. They were very in love." Yeah that is sad, although this same source could have been talking about Ross and Rachel. Either way, I have a chance. I'm sure Jamie-Lynn Sigler would definitely want to date a blogger who also is the spokesperson for a t-shirt business about how New Jersey sucks. Eh, if she's not into it I'll just wait it out for the other Jamie-Lynn....Spears. I hear that rat trap skank puts out! Oww owww!

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