Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jennie Garth, 90210, and a Dream!

Just when Jennie Garth was finally ready to be off the CW and a show that I'm pretty sure only aired on Sunday's at 6:30 pm she just backed out of her new CBS sitcom to possibly go back to the CW for 90210 Part II: Return to the Walsh's Electric Boogaloo (that's what I would call it).

Jennie Garth was set to start shooting her new sitcom pilot called "My Best Friend's Girl." She made it as far as the "table read" and then peaced the F out of there. Hopefully she is running into the arms of Donna Martin. Another reason could be that Jerry O'Connell was also to star in the CBS pilot. Sounds great! I can't wait for my Tivo to think that I would want to watch it and then tape it for me. Useless futuristic VCR!

Anyway, I really hope that Jennie Garth goes for the 90210 spinoff because I'm a loser and losers wish for stuff like that. I also hope that Jennie changes her name legally to Kelly Taylor. I hope Donna is there and Steve Sanders (the original) and I hope that Andrea Zuckerman is there even though she has that crazy disorder now where she shakes and shit. Basically I would please like for it to be 1992 again. Hopefully my time machine will allow that to happen.

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