Monday, April 21, 2008

Look What The Olsen Dragged In!

One of the Olsen's, it doesn't matter which one, showed her support at the Proenza Schouler new line of eyewear party/show. Similar to Jan Brady, glass on an Olsen will make her look positively goofy. Anyway, Mary-Michelle-Kate-Ashley-Tanner-Gibbler-Olsen looks weak and dirty and not in the good way. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the other Olsen Slut is stuffed in that oversized bag that she appears to be dragging down the red carpet-ish.

It must be tough to be an Olsen, but by the looks of this one I assume she's using her money, literally, and folding the hundred dollar bills into an origami type brush and using that on her hair. In fact, since I'm convinced the Olsen Sluts are actually not twins and there is only one of them, I bet that's a bag of money that Mary-Michelle-Kate-Ashley-Tanner-Gibbler-Olsen is carrying around with her. I know I would. I would put all my money in two separate potato sacks that have big black dollar symbols on the front of each bag and then when people were taking my picture and asking me questions I would just respond by saying "money." Just an idea for the Olsen. It's good to change things up once in a while.

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mishele said...

who took her neck away? She needs a transplant.