Friday, April 25, 2008

Mariah F's Up on Good Morning America

Ba da ba ba ba I'm lovin' it! Anyone catch Mariah on Good Morning America this morning? I typically like to start my day by checking out an almost middle-aged woman with her boobs popping out of her tight hot pink dress so I, of course, snapped on GMA to see Mariah "perform" a tune or two. Sure that sounds kinda boring, but wanna know what spices that up? How 'bout Mariah f'ing up in the first 4 seconds of her song? Ruh-ro Rorge! Now I'm not sure if her back-up track pulled an Ashlee Simpson, but I'm pretty sure that I hear Mariah's voice but never saw her lips moving (or her mouth...oh!)
Mariah tried to solve this problem by looking around and singing something, but I assumed she was reading the Chinese Menu on the billboard just up the street from where she was performing. Moments later Mariah "Sing Fights" with her backup singers by inserting the lyrics "stop singing my part now baby" as she looked at them and 'sassily' pointed. Yay! Train wreck! Mariah's about 2 lip-syncing mishaps away from giving out popsicles in her underwear at TRL. I can't wait!
Catch the train wreck moments at the 50 second mark and at the 3-minute mark.


Kris said...

Honey, those were background vocals! She is totally live. Not to mention, her voice is in better shape than I've heard since Daydream!

cnap786 said...

is it ironic that we, in fact, DID catch this flick on YouTube?

GammaGirl said...

Awww, Mimi seems cranky!
Clearly, Mariah was not "profusely entertained" by her own performance this morning.

Anonymous said...

yeah, even though they were her own background vocals sung by herself, I dont think she would have tried to sing that. That was definitely live. Awkard, but live. She might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but she seems pretty obsessed with her image. I doubt she'd accidentally pull an A.S.

Taylor said...

I just thought it was background, but I totally don't even get her.

She is older. She is close to my age. I get it, you have boobs, I get it, you lost weight. She is just never normal, she is always posing and just being so weird. It seems like such and act, and a hard one to keep up.

I like her, I think she is the real deal, she writes her own stuff and I don't doubt she can't sing live, but she is just a weirdo.