Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh Paula, No No Paula, No No

I was moments away from slipping into a coma watching the American Idol kids sing Neil Diamond songs when all of a sudden Paula came to life like Vicki the robot from Small Wonder. In case you missed it, each contestant would sing their one song without any critique from the "judges." After each sang their first song, and only their first song, all the crackheads came back onto the stage so the judges could give quick feedback. Ok, so that's the first red flag. There's no way that in a time constraint pressure situation Paula would be on her game. And she wasn't. Paula gave feedback for both of Jason's songs. Oh and the only thing was that he only sang one song. Randy jumped in like child embarrassed of his aging parent and tells Paula that Jason only sang one song and Paula says, "You didn't sing 2 songs?" Oh Paula, no no. No no Paula. I'm pretty sure Paula smelled burnt toast and was in process of having a massive stroke. At one point I'm almost positive I saw smoke coming out of Paula's ears. Poor Vicki the Robot was about to combust!

Why Paula's reality show didn't do better is amazing to me. I would like to just follow Paula around for 48 hrs and see what it was like.

Sidenote, my favorite of the night was Syesha Mercado. There I said it. You know if Kristy Lee Cook was still in it she would have been singing "America" dressed in army fatigues and healing lepers right on the stage. Too bad for her.
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