Monday, April 21, 2008

Yay! Lindsay is Fun Again!!

It's about time! I can only take so much of Lindsay and her sober peace signs she flashes the paparazzi day after day. Well Lindsay isn't so boring anymore according to People Magazine! Lindsay No Pants was in NYC with her freckles in support of her friend, sexy as all get out DJ Samantha Rosen, as she "spun" at the biggest tourist trap in NYC - the Hawaain Tropic Zone.

Lindsay arrived at midnight, got a table right behind where Samantha Rosen was spinning and directly downwind from her dirtball stench. Moments later Linds was spotted drinking Red Bull and Vodka's. Yay! The wagon is gone! Lindsay latter danced to such trash-bag songs as Gimme More and 4 Minutes to Save the World to which it's reported that Lindsay tossed her head around and did full body rolls, whatever in the hell that may be.

Things are looking up for Lindsay and by Lindsay I really mean "me" as when Lindsay falls off the wagon you always see more exposure for Dina, which is always a good thing. Trash is back!

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Yvette said...

I can't imagine being 21 and having to be sober. Well I guess she can't either.