Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Britney's Car Accident is Boring

Beep beep, y'all! I's comin' at ya with my ride! Britney got into a little fender bender while driving on Sunset Boulevard in LA yesterday. Luckily she was not injured and, in fact, kept on a creepy smile the whole time (see photo above). She looks like one of those puppet things that sits on a ventriloquists lap and just smiles, moves its eyes from left to right, and talks.

Apprently, the stoplight was still red and Britney gave it the gas because, I assume, she thought it was "opposites day" where red means 'go' and green means 'stop.' Britney's bodyguard helped Britney out by getting the information of the lady whose truck she hit while Britney kept her hand over her mouth. She probably did that so that her crazy pills didn't try to escape her mouth. All of this is so boring to me. It would have been way better if Britney hit the car and then fell out of her car with her gentlemen greeter in full sight. I blame Red Bull.
If I was the lady that was hit I would have prayed for my car to explode so I could sue for some of that fancy money Britney has. Hopefully this could allow me and Britney to become friends and then I could just watch

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Taylor said...

She does this all the time, I've NEVER done this... she isn't 'better' she's just hiding it all...