Monday, May 12, 2008

Britney's Mother's Day! Yee Haw!

Pin down your hair stringy hair extensions because Britney spent part of her Mother's Day with her own mom as they went out to eat at SUR in Hollywood yesterday. It's great to see that Lynne Spears liked her dinner so much that she even brought home a doggie bag. Classy!
Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn Spears pumped gas whilst dressed like a Vegas hooker wearing part of the carpet at the Flamingo. I'm pretty sure it's that outfit that got her into this mess in the first place.
Back to Britney. Reuters is reporting that Britney may appear in How I Met Your Mother next season as well. The shows co-creator, Craig Thomas, said that the episode was written in a way that would allow Britney to make a return next season. I think that's great. I say more Britney. Let's get her back to the point where she gets all overwhelmed and nuts again because, let me tell ya, writing about Britney and mom going to dinner....not so fun. Writing about Britney beating up a truck with a green That's how it works people.

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