Friday, May 16, 2008

Caridee English, Alive, Makes News

Someone hand me my alarm clock because I need to wake up. Bonus points for me being loser enough to remember that Caridee English quote from America's Next Top Model. ANTM winner, Caridee English, is not only still alive but is also allegedly dating fellow model Tyson Beckford. You may remember Tyson Beckford from such things as...things he modeled for. Anyway, Page Six is reporting that Caridee kicked her hometown boyfriend to the curb (as Ricki Lake audience members would say) and is now bumping Zoolanders with Tyson.

While Caridee was at the Entertainment Weekly upfronts she told Page Six that her ex-boyfriend stole $10,000 out her bank account and blew it in Vegas. What's even more shocking is that a winner of America's Next Top Model only has $10,000 in their bank account. I had $10,000 in my bank account when I was 15 and worked as a clerk at Walgreen's. Yes I have lived a wild life.

Anyway, Caridee is hot sex so when she and Tyson call it quits I'm sure she'll want to date a loser blogger like me. I'll give her half of her missing money is she dates me. Wait, it that prostitution? Whatever.

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