Monday, May 19, 2008

Carrie Underwood: Backwards Cameltoe?

Update: Check out updated celebrity camel toe and other pop culture hijinks at the new IBBB.
That Carrie Underpants is one tricky country western singer/sasser. Carrie was at the 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards and was singing up a storm when I believe the Ghost of Cameltoe attacked her and hit her in the backside instead of the frontside, where the cameltoe belongs. Carrie looks visibly concerned and, frankly, so am I. There for I am giving this backwards cameltoe just one upside down camel in the "IBBB Cameltoe Ranking the Stars" game. Carrie gave it a good try, but came up just a little short. Oh that Carrie Underwood! What won't she try!?
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raincoaster said...

I want to link to this one, but your permalinks are all messed up today for some weird reason. The only one that's working for me is Audrina, and I'm NOT desperate enough to link to her.

The only way I could get a link was to leave a comment, click "Show original post" and grab it from the timestamp.

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