Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dina Lohan: Mother of the Year

That's strange. I double checked my calendar just a few minutes ago and, to my surprise, today is not "opposites day." Dina Lohan was awarded, with that fancy bowling plaque, Top Mom/Mother of the Year for the Long Island based charity "The Mingling Moms Organization." Are we sure this isn't "The Middle-Aged MILFs Organization?"

No, no my friends Dina really did win this award. The good old Dinasaur attended the event in Long Island with her own mom last night and the "organization" had these kind words to say about Dina: "Dina is such a dedicated mom. Through all the ups and downs of Lindsay, she has been by her side." I think what this "organization," who probably isn't doing this for publicity at all, meant to say was, "Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay, Lindsay, Linds, Lindsay Lohan, 9-11, Lindsay Lohan, Go Green, Lindsay, Lindsay, Linds."

Dina has thankfully stated, "It's an honor. It's a wonderful organization. It's for a good cause." Now I think what the Dinasaur meant to say was, "Watch my show, watch my show, my show's on E!, I'm not in it for the fame, watch my show, watch my show, I have a show, my show, my show on E!, watch my reality show."

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