Monday, May 12, 2008

Donna Martin and Steve Sanders Reunited!

I tell ya, I think the season finale of The Hills that's on tonight has got me all nostalgic of the original 90210 and its original characters. Sure I call Spencer Pratt "Steve Sanders" but there really was an original Steve Sanders and he went to West Beverly High with the rest of the gang, including Donna Martin. Anytrash, Steve Sanders and Donna Martin were at the Munchkin's Project Pink at the Dog and Baby Buffet, which is a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation. They painted and designed pink ducks and had their pictures taken to drum a bit for their own charities also known as "their careers." It's aways great to see the gang reuniting no matter what the circumstances. I'm sure ever since Kelly Taylor has been announced to head back to the 90210 spinoff we'll be seeing more of the gang, which is fine by me.

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